Ava Bier & Miraya Bhayani 

Ava and Miraya raised S$ 1,400 for WAH Foundation at the American School water awareness day, where they ran a project to raise funds by selling gift cards made by children from Kampong Chhnang Government orphanage.  

Ava and Miraya performed at the WAH Foundation/Jia Foundation dinner, with Miraya singing Amazing Grace to start the evening, and Ava gave a heartwarming speech.  Both girls were the stars of the evening, together with 5 children from the government orphanage who danced and played Cambodian traditional instruments.  

Talisa & Kai Wilson 

Talisa helped with the WAH Foundation Jia Foundation dinner this year, by arranging for her school friends to collect funds from a sponsor a school program we ran at the dinner.  We raised over $ 40,000 from this campaign alone. Talisa also played the guitar on stage with Ariana singing.


Kai redesigned the WAH Foundation website, to bring a cleaner and more simple look to the website, taking his inspiration from Apple.  This saved WAH Foundation thousands of dollars using a professional website designer.  Kai also plans to visit Kampong Chhnang at the end of the year with Talisa to make a drone video, shooting the clean water systems from the sky. He is training now to become an expert on his drone.  


Kate & Matt Lamb

Kate and Matt Lamb, from the US, visited WAH Foundation in Kampong Chhnang this summer with their parents, Tom and Erin, and donated clean water systems for 3 schools.  They brought over tee shirts, footballs, basket balls and many other gifts which they kindly gave to the children of Kampong Chhnang government orphanage.  The family played basketball with the kids and spent time getting to know them.  The Lamb family also wish to sponsor 2 children for further education once they finish at secondary school.  

Kate has recently raised another US$ 250 for the orphanage to buy meat and vegetables. WAH Foundation is delighted to have Kate and Matt as young ambassadors to the foundation .  Thank you both, and thank you to the Lamb family.  You have all impacted the lives of many children in Kampong Chhnang province.