Carli Bybel has been named Global Ambassador for the WAH Foundation. Carli is an influencer that needs almost no introduction. With her YouTube channels and social media, Carli is one of the most famous beauty and fashion stars online, reaching millions of fans and followers across the globe. Carli will use her voice to encourage girls across Cambodia to fulfill their dream of receiving an advanced education. From the proceeds of her custom-designed charity bracelets, we will provide girls in need a full scholarship that will include tuition, books, housing and meals for four years at the Bright Hope Institute.

With your donation or purchase of a bracelet you will help send a girl to school and provide the gift of education.

Carli Bybel visited the recipients of her scholarship and interacted with them

“I was interviewed a couple times when applying for this scholarship, and I had to take an exam. It was quite competitive—but everything I did was worth all the efforts. Aside to be able to study, I am happy that I get to see the city life. Without this opportunity, I would never know it. My family is even happier because they know I am in a safe place. Now I am studying Public Administration. I hope in the future I can work for the government to help develop my community,” said Hel Voleak, one of the awardees.

“The place where I’m from lacks the most basic resources. I’ve always wanted to develop my own community and realized that the first step is to expand my knowledge and ability. This scholarship gives me the chance to do so. I know that after I finish my study, I will go back and help the people in my community,” Kaath Sopheak shared her aspiration. 

The girls in their well decorated dormitory and study area.

Each girl has their own study desk.

The WAH team visited the scholars of the Carli Bybel Scholarship at the Bright Hope Institute.

"Thank you so much for your generous support and making dreams come true!"  

~Carli Bybel