Recognized by Forbes Heroes of Philanthropy, the WAH Foundation(Water And Healthcare) is dedicated to improving the lives and conditions of rural communities through water, health and education. We are recognized as a successful non-government organization that empowers local communities to sustain themselves in Cambodia.

In some areas of Cambodia 8% of children die before they reach five years old, mainly through the drinking of unclean water and poor hygiene.

WAH has developed a clean water bicycle pump system which can produce 500 litres of clean water per hour. Children enjoy using our bicycle systems, being installed in school playgrounds, with no need for electricity or generators, just pedal power.   


We also have a collaboration with Unilever on a hand washing and dental hygiene program, which is integrated into the clean water system in the school playgrounds.

WAH has been working in collaboration with KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Singapore for the last four years, training over 200 midwives in Cambodia, covering Kampong Chhnang province, with a population of 500,000 people.  Every medical center and hospital in the province has now been trained and impact numbers show a 70% drop in mortality rate of mothers in birth. 

Clean water and health education changes everything and now you can help too!